22 Ekim 2018 Pazartesi


sana bir geoit
bana bir teori

vesairelere asılı kısaltmalarla
uzattığın kanıta
bir yakam pis

madalyam gri

boyası akmış içten gülümseyişindeki yabancı için
üsteler bizi

vitrinime sığdır
bir kesinliğe karşı   - olmayabilir diyeni 

And one of us gotta crawl under the bus If we wanna stand a chance of standing up without a crutch And I ain't trying to sound dismissive of that target you've been squinting at We've all been aiming far beyond our range of limitations Even when I try to take the bullet I'm impatient Looking at your face for validation Fly like dishes but sleep like strangers Protect my interests, what you think these fangs for? This isn't even anger It's just dissapointment pointed in familiar directions This is tight and stressed like a tight rope stretched Across my whole chest this is why I'm flexing Please forgive my voice but I'm lost in the void When I look to the future neither one of us enjoying it We ought to stop and start smelling these flowers Before the world reminds us that it's not really ours

La-la, la-la-la-laa La-laa, la-la-la I wish you could hear me, my lips to your earring La-la, la-la-la-laa La-laa, la-laa, la-la-la I wish you could hear me, my lips to your earring

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