20 Ekim 2018 Cumartesi

Kayıt Dışı

ihtiraslardan arındırır

momentumu eğitir tekrar

ve yarı saydamdır
öpücüğün öpücüğü

plasentada bir metafor besledim 

A new morning coming love 
A chill through the window screen 
On the streets that were our life 
Fragments of memory 
As the sun pours over your face 
All but a dream 
So we die a little bit more everyday 
My vision blurring 
Spreading wings flying away 
We dance we love we betray 
Yet we are beautiful  
So you think you knew me 
Say we were part of a team 
As the sun pours over your face 
All but a dream 
Cortados in Mexico City 
Blue houses in Spain 
Red tail lights of taxis 
Running through a summer rain 
Walking through the museum 
Through street vendors 
Elizabeth waiting in the water 
Fragments of memory 
Smoking cigarettes by your window 
Days go lazy 
Sun pours over the face of a girl from Fort Greene 
It’s all over now love 
And you’re swimming in the briny sea 
As the sun pours over your face
All but a dream 

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